Primary CAre Chiropractic

Meet the team

Our quality of care comes from our quality of training and experience. 

Mike is the founder of Primary Care Chiropractic, graduating as a Chiropractor from the University of South Wales in 2006, where he has been teaching chiropractic students since 2009. Mike has set up numerous chiropractic businesses, ranging from the first mobile chiropractic clinic in the UK to an online chiropractic resource, which is due for launch in 2016.

He has been practicing Chiropractic in South Wales for most of his professional career, but has also delivered his clinical expertise on a national basis, and enjoys helping people improve their health dependent on their individual goals.

Mike plays in Los Devitos, a cover band and recently won the  National Wedding Awards for best entertainment (regional).

Kevin Cox, Chiropractor

Kevin graduated as a Chiropractor from the University of South Wales in 2011, and has been part of our team since 2012. His friendly and approachable, yet professional character, brings a huge commodity to both the practice and his colleagues. Being a trained and skilled athlete himself, Kevin has a special interest in and experience with treating other athletes with performance related goals.